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PureBoostX in Montauk

August 17, 2016

What do you get when you combine helicopters, sweat, a beautiful beach, and a dope group of girls?! The most incredible two days that one could ever ask for, thank to Adidas Running.

On August 10th at 7am, twenty fitness influencers from NYC and LA gathered at Blade along the East River of Manhattan. A little sleepy, but mostly excited, we filed into the lounge that overlooked the helipad, while munching on breakfast and sipping coffee. I was surprised that mostly everyone was a familiar face- I had met the majority of the girls over the last twelve months either through instagram or at various events. As we all caught up and talked about what we would be doing over the next thirty six hours, we were divided up into smaller groups for the helicopter rides that would take us out to Montauk.


It was lift off time, and my stomach did a little flip as we soared up and over Manhattan, the buildings turning into miniature toy sizes as they trailed down below us. Thankful that the predicted thunderstorms hadn’t quite hit yet, we zoomed off towards the Hamptons, a mere fifty minutes away by helicopter.


Excitement running high, we stepped off the helicopter and were greeted by a fleet of Adidas paparazzi as we made our way into the party bus, which was pumping tunes from the 2000s and filled with healthy snacks and fresh juice. Basically, a millennial fit girl’s dream method of transportation.


We arrived at Gurney’s in Montauk, a beautiful hotel right along the beach. Our first activity was a glam and styling sesh. I asked Adidas if their glam team could follow me around during my normal day to day life, but the jury is still out on that one 🙂


6Despite the impending clouds, we had a little time to hang on the beach, snap some selfies, and attempt some yoga poses. It’s moments like these in such scenic environments that I wish I had some awesome bendy poses to whip out of my back pocket, but alas, I had to settle for some casually staged photos on Gurney’s yellow striped beach bungalows.




Before heading off to our first activity, we checked into our beach view rooms. Let me just tell ya right now, these beds are cushy clouds sent from the heavens, and the sound of the ocean crashing right outside the window was a refreshing break from the normal hum drum of horns and taxis whooshing by in the city.



Alright, enough glam, selfies, and comfy hotel rooms! It was finally time to get our sweat on. Since it had started to torrentially downpour, we headed to an outdoor tent as the rain crashed down around us. Sadie Lincoln, wellness expert and Barre3 founder, led us through an incredible workout: low impact but seriously high sweat. There was this one move where our back were on the group, legs bent, feet lifted, and heels pressed together… I have never seen my legs shake so uncontrollably in my life!



Afterwards, despite the rain, we went for a two mile run with three time Olympian Jen Rhines along Montauk’s old highway and the beach.





You can usually find us gals in stretchy pants and sports bras, but hey! We clean up pretty well when necessary. Cocktail hour (hello, rosé!), dinner, followed by a bon fire. I ate three s’mores because they are my fave, and franky, s’mores are life. #sorrynotsorry.22


23   25

Day 2 started bright an early at 7am and we kicked off the morning with a gait analysis led my Jen Rhines. A few girls were filmed running, and then Jen was able to slow down the video and narrow in on each step as well as body position to see what was currently working and what could be improved upon.

26 26B

And then the official run began! It was a beautiful run along a trail through the trees and near the ocean, with the exception of the many bug bites I got. They were everywhere! Even on my butt 🙂

27 29 30

And last but not least, we got some time out on the water with Paddle Diva. I had never tried stand up paddle boarding before, but I freaking loved it! I’m convinced I was a stand up paddle boarder in a previous life.

31 32 33

And after that, PureBoostX in Montauk with Adidas Running was officially a wrap! We came, we sweat, we s’mored, and we danced. I left feeling grateful to be able to work with such an incredible company, which in turn has given me the opportunity to connect with so many bomb ass ladies! Because honestly, who run the world?! I think you know the answer to that…


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  • Reply Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie August 18, 2016 at 11:03 am

    This looks like an amazing event! I was LOVING following along on Snap. I had to laugh at myself since I’m following 3/4 of the ladies who went away for the weekend. 🙂

  • Reply Andreina August 28, 2016 at 7:16 pm

    I followed your whole adventure on IG and it seemed so fun! What an incredible opportunity to spend 36 hours with such rad ladies! Keep it up! and I love how you’re still going for #bbgcrusmode no matter what – sickness, events like this or soon restarting soul cycling training!

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