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When the Workout is Amazing but the Clothing Stinks

October 3, 2016

There are so many benefits to working out. Exercise improves self-confidence, boosts overall mood and energy, reduces stress, increases strength and stamina… the list goes on and on. One of my favorite motivational sayings is “nobody ever regretted a workout”, because it’s absolutely true. Though you may not feel like heading to the gym, once you get there and once you complete whatever physical exercise you set out to do, you usually feel pretty darn good that you did it.

But, there is one dark side to working out on a consistent basis that few speak about… dirty, stinky workout clothes.



Ha! I half laugh and half cry because this is actually a daily issue for me. Since I’m currently two and a half weeks into my second round of SoulCycle training, the amount of workout clothes that I go through each day is at an all time high. By the time I get home in the evening, I usually have at least two, if not three, plastic bags of tights and sports bras drenched in sweat that have been sitting in my backpack since my first class of the day. Gross, I know, but it’s my reality.


And now, a special interruption to provide a quick story to give you an idea of how much I sweat. One time after a long day of training, I got home and hung up my clothes to dry. Later I found a small puddle on the ground. I instantly thought that my dog had an accident but I quickly realized that the puddle was formed by sweat that had dripped off my hanging clothes onto the floor! #awesome

I find that since my clothes have been squished in my bag all day sitting in their own sweat, by the time I hang them up to dry, they have a bit of a smell to them. And once the clothes are fully dried, they continue to smell. And lastly, even after washing them, the fabric tends to hang onto the musty odor.

For awhile, I’ve used an insider tip to get out the stink: stuffing the clothes into the freezer! If you let your clothes sit in cold for about a day, the smell usually dissipates, and then you can wash ‘em as you would normally.


Recently though, I discovered a product that tackles the stink head on. Persil 2in1 is the number one detergent when it comes to smelly workout gear, so when I was given the chance to partner with them to test out the product, I told them they couldn’t have picked a better person. After several loads of wash, my foul smelling workout clothes are smelly no more, and I’m glad to say that my boyfriend will not longer be confused when he opens up the freezer and sees sports bras and leggings next to the ice cube try and frozen corn.


Grab a coupon here and try out the stinky clothes solution for yourself.

This is a Persil 2in1 sponsored this post, but all of the opinions are my own.

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