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Mornings Set the Tone

December 15, 2016

I find that my mornings are always what set the tone of my day. If I wake up feeling rested, have a delicious cup of coffee, and I’m having an awesome hair day- then score! I’m off to a good start. But pressing snooze multiple times, realizing that my favorite shirt is wrinkled, and stepping in dog poop on the way to the subway are all factors that contribute to feeling less than great. I find that for me personally, a super important part of my morning to ensure that my day goes off without a hitch is breakfast. Having a full stomach is crucial for making sure I start off the day in a good mood and with lots of energy.


So, fun Jera fact for you, in addition to being breakfast’s biggest fan, I am majorly obsessed with orange juice. Whether it’s out of a carton, fresh squeezed, with breakfast or any other part of the day, oranges just pull at my heart strings. I’ll be the first to admit that I have been a die hard fan since since I was a wee little bean in diapers. I loved it so much that when I was a baby, my mom (sorry mom in advance for outing you on this!) would put several bottles of orange juice around my crib at night. When she would come to check on me in the morning, ALL the bottles were completely drained, and I was fast asleep, peacefully snoozing on a happy belly full of OJ.


Fast forward to today, the flame of my love for orange juice still burns bright, but now that health and fitness is such a huge part of my life, I’ve become more conscious about what I put in my body. Tropicana recently launched Tropicana Probiotics- 100% juice with probiotics and no added sugar or artificial flavors that delivers one billion live and active cultures in each serving. I feel like we always hear these buzz words when it comes to eating healthy and certain ingredients that claim wild health cures, and it’s easy to tune them out as fads come and go. But probiotics are indeed important for our health, especially our digestive system. To put it simply, probiotics are considered good bacteria that keep our guts healthy, which in turn is directly linked to our immune system.


So with health and wellness in mind, here is my morning routine that sets me up for success each day (hint, it does not involve empty baby bottles strewn about a crib):

-First things first, I organize everything I need for the following day the night before. I like to lay my clothes out, pack up my bag, etc.

-I try to get at least a full seven hours of sleep

-It’s hard habit to break, but when my alarm goes off in the morning, I do NOT press snooze. The moment between my alarm sounding and getting out of my soft, warm bed is the hardest… but I just get on up and don’t look back!

-I drink a big class of water immediately. If I have lemon, I’ll squeeze a good amount in.

-I wake up early enough so that I’m not rushing from the moment I open my eyes. I like to be able to sit with my cup of coffee on the couch in peace for at least twenty minutes. This is also the time when I gently tell my boyfriend to refrain from talking to me until I finish my cup of Joe 😉

-After I’m dressed and my dog is walked, I always get a solid breakfast in. My ideal first meal of the day is two scrambled eggs, a whole wheat english muffin, and a glass of Tropicana Strawberry Banana Probiotics.

 -If I exercise early in the morning, I usually postpone my breakfast until after my workout, though I will have a light snack prior as I always need to have something in my stomach before exercising.

It can be super simple, but I truly believe that a morning ritual is the best way to ground yourself for the day ahead. Organization, sleep, a little extra time to wake up, fuel, and exercise are all crucial components for what set me up for success!trop_4

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